Le Quai

Curated by Cristiano Raimondi, L’INCONTRO features a selection of works from Silvia Fiorucci Roman’s private collection, all of them relating to the notion of “encounter” in both conceptual and physical terms.

The show is conceived not as a programmatic exhibition, but rather as an unconditional homage to creativity. Like a manifesto, L’INCONTRO intends to convey the spirit and mood that will animate Le Quai in its confrontation and dissemination of current issues through the disruptive and generative potentiality of art.


The backbone of Società delle Api is an ongoing program of residencies at the venues in Grasse (FR), Rome (IT) and Kastellorizo (GR), three very different environments immersed in specific cultures and landscapes. The residency is intended as an occasion for research and production. Each artist is invited to extend the invitation to one or more other persons with whom they wish to collaborate. The residency represents an opportunity to both focus on and expand one’s practice and network while having a more tailored approach to art and participation.


Accompanying this whole set of activities, Società delle Api produces a series of publications: from small informative booklets to photographic books, from original essays to archival material, both online and on paper, the publications will convey and reveal processes and results related to SDA’s activities and achievements. All the books will be published and internationally distributed by NERO Editions.

Design projects










Research is the core aspect of Società delle Api’s approach. SDA actively promotes and supports research projects across different disciplines, investigating issues and questions inherent to our contemporary world.
SDA values and welcomes research projects both within and outside Academia, as it adopts both inter-subjective and common models, as well as subjective and non-normative strategies that can help interpret and revise given methods and processes. The art collection of Silvia Fiorucci Roman is open for researchers, artists, curators and scholars as a point of departure for research and experimentation.

Art support

Società delle api actively supports individual projects and initiatives aligning with the organization’s vision, by giving direct economic, logistical and professional support.