Experimental Education Protocol III


June 2021 – Athens / Kastellorizo

The book presents works from the third edition of The Experimental Education Protocol. Founded by artist Angelo Plessas, The Experimental Education Protocol is an alternative educational model in which each edition takes place in a different location and participants are asked to create educational ideas and workshops that focus on a particular case study and its local context. The third edition (17–27 September 2019) took place in the form of a cruise on a classic sailboat, called Suhail, put at the artist’s disposal by Silvia Fiorucci, a “house on the water” that brought the participants within new and different situations, allowing them to be temporarily detached from the outside world and to connect directly with the natural environment. Organized by Società delle Api, the cruise covered a journey in the Aegean Sea from Kastellorizo to Athens, stopping at numerous un-inhabited small islands. The participants (artist Andreas Angelidakis; curators/publishers Marina Fokidis and Luca Lo Pinto; artist Sofia Stevi; artist Amalia Vekri) used it as a case study to explore the surroundings and develop new types of learning relationships, considering the sea and nature in general as open-source, decentralized interfaces to be explored from spatial, environmental and social perspectives.

Texts by: Andreas Angelidakis, Marina Fokidis, Luca Lo Pinto, Angelo Plessas, Sofia Stevi, Amalia Vekri.