"The House of All Beings emblem," Angelo Plessas 2023

The House of All Beings–Fall Solstice 2023


September 14-23, 2023 – Grasse

From the 14th to the 23rd of September 2023, the Moulin des Ribes will host the latest edition of the Società delle Api’s residency program entitled “The House of All Beings.” The program will provide an immersive ritual for artists to collaborate and create, drawing inspiration from nature, mythology, technology, anthropology, and philosophy. Curated by Angelo Plessas, it will boast a selected coterie of participants, including the artists Eleni Bagaki, Asli Çavuşoğlu, Alex Cecchetti, Raffaela Naldi Rossano, and the writer and curator Filipa Ramos.

“The House of All Beings” takes its inspiration from the profound discussion on the relationship between the home and the psyche, drawing a parallel with Carl Jung’s dream of a house as a tool for the discovery of the unconscious. Our homes are our sanctuaries, and the physical environment is intrinsically linked to our well-being and character.

The residency will build on this concept by creating a communal space where the invited artists will come together to explore the profound relationship between the individual psyche and nature. The Moulin des Ribes, with its lush gardens, serene lake, verdant meadows, and glistening river, will become a place of encounter and exchange of ideas, where the artists will be free to explore and connect in a spirit of self-made domestic sacred spaces. Here, conventional rules do not apply, and the aim of the residency is to connect, stumble upon, discover, and create meaningful connections between humans and beyond. The residency promises to be a transformative experience, providing a space for the artists to collaborate, experiment, and create in a spirit of innovation and exploration.

 […] Our homes are our therapy places. The house (inside and outside) becomes a temple where placements of subtle energies interact between human and non-human life, earth vibrations, and beyond. […] Drawing on the insights of nature, mythology, technology, anthropology, and philosophy but also the senses of sight, touch, and smell, the invited participants of ‘The House of All Beings’ will form a communal ritual. The Moulin des Ribes will become a place of encounter and exchange of ideas in the spirit of self-made domestic sacred spaces synchronizing into other rhythms and realities where no conventional rules apply. We will aspire to connect, stumble on, discover, and create connections between humans or not inhaling and exhaling hospitality, friendship, knowledge, imagination, and well-being.”
Angelo Plessas