Votre voix ne monte pas jusqu'à moi

June 19, 2024 – Monaco

La Società delle Api is delighted to announce that Le QUAI will host an exhibition of Pavillon Bosio’s Master Diploma students Maria Magdalena David and Anna Soret for a night. The artworks will be presented on 19th June.

The event will start with an introduction by the artists at 18:15 and will be followed by a performance at 18:30.

“I aim to offer a quasi-clinical experience that flirts with fraudulence. Using a display that welcomes the human bodies, I seek to study individuals and collect the organic particles they leave inside the space,  anticipating potential mutations.
My sound and visual work is inspired by certain posthumanist theories mixed with personal narratives infused with post-soviet remains.
I envision to fabricate a transitory territory, an intermediate zone that celebrates the hybridization of languages and phenomena.”
Maria Magdalena David

“I try to show what we don’t look at ; images that are ignored because they are too fragile, too insignificant, coming from almost forgotten obsolete technologies. I dedicated my graduation year to the revelation of a film roll found by chance, and which, when it’s unfolded, observed sideways, truncated from its initial device tells me other stories.
I then search in, around this object, I wear it out to try both to « see it better » and to wake up its ghosts. I explore its empty zones, attempting to articulate the different types of language available to me so I can make it speak.”
Anna Soret